This Japanese sticker sheet looks exactly like American sticker sheet C, and almost exactly like the U.K. sheet 3. There are, however, differences between the Japanese sticker sheet and other sticker sheets. (1) The paper used for the Japanese stickers is lighter, thinner, and more fragile than the paper used for the U.K., German, and Taiwan sticker sheets. (2) The “No Complaints” sticker is the same one that is found on the corresponding American and Canadian sticker sheets, but is different from the U.K. version insofar as the flourish at the end of the “s” goes up and slightly to the left in the U.K. sheet. (3) The song title stickers are a little larger than their counterparts on the U.K., German, and Taiwan sticker sheets. (The song title stickers had to be smaller on these three other sheets, I suppose, so that there would be room for the extra song title stickers.) Although the Japan CD is unique of all of the CD release versions in that there are three bonus songs following the standard 15 tracks, the sticker sheet includes not one of the bonus song titles. The Japan sticker sheet looks and feels identical to the American sticker sheets; even the serial numbers are located in the same place. In the U.K. version the stickers are placed behind the sticker grid, but for the Japanese version the stickers are placed inside the grid, along with the lyrics booklet. Interestingly, there is no “Beck” sticker on the CD case itself; rather, the cardboard “obi strip” supplies the familiar colorful lego-like Beck name.

Beck’s name on the spine of the obi strip is colored in a way particular to the Japanese CD only (to the best of my knowledge at this point): exclusively red and blue. This is a beautiful little addendum to the CD, decorated with illustrations of various recognizable sticker forms: the vigorous horse, two orbs, and a black circle with white polka-dots. The coloring of the obi strip is lovely.